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The Logic of Business and Marketing: Part I – the Human Mind

  A little personal history My family is by far my favorite test subject. Sometimes my ‘experiments’ are well received; other times, they push the envelope. I’ve always been fond of running ‘mischievous’ tests on them only to observe behaviors in various contexts harmlessly. There isn’t even the slightest hint of malice, and they are...


Digital marketing is what you get when you cross business with creativity. You acquire the professional rigor of a customer-focused organization and the innovative mindset of a modern-day Picasso. Interestingly, even though we live in the digital era, many businesses are still uncertain what good can come from collaborating with a digital agency. Sometimes, even...

5 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will (1)

One million active users join various social media platforms every day – nowadays, there are about 3.03 billion active users worldwide. It’s criminal to ignore such a large audience, and brands already know that – they are not paying $40 billion for nothing. That’s just money spent on social media advertising, not mentioning investments in...

5 Marketing Trends To Pay Attention To In 2019 (1)

At each of my last three keynote addresses, I was asked this simple question: “What do you think is going to happen with marketing in 2019?” It’s still only summer, but people are already trying to look ahead and see what’s around the curve. I understand why: The world is changing a mile a minute,...

Top 5 SEO opportunities for 2018-2019

Only those who master all disciplines will be successful. Even in 2018, search engine optimization will neither be a rocket science nor a science. Everyone can learn search engine optimization. Especially, If you can find a chance to join an excellent seminar such as the SEO Conference then you will understand better in this field. But for...


A lot of discussions are going on nowadays, mostly on coming up with new designs which are sustainable and functional. Here, we mean those designs that can adapt to drastic changes, create awareness, and build a robust framework. Such procedures require good inspiration and solid use of creative derivatives. One source was always around us,...

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