Our team

Our team is the primary reason our clients recommend us. Each of us have unique skills but all of us are highly skilled digitally wise. We balance numbers with creativity in order to get the best results for our clients.

Catalina Cazacu

Senior PPC Specialist

Catalina has worked in Advertising since she was 26. She is passionate about innovation and business strategy. She has created and implemented hundreds of online and offline advertising campaigns, from early concepts to execution, both in Romania and abroad.

Dragos Anton

Email Marketing Senior Specialist

Dragos is our mail-man. His quiver is always filled with projects which come from all sorts of clients, always testing new ideas, always hunting for better ORs, CTRs and conversions.
He’s interested in both sides of the story – the creativity of the content and the analytics of the data, which in a way makes him feel like Spider-man for one and Peter Parker for the other.

Alexandru Podariu

Head of Web Design and Development Team

Alexandru is an experienced Head of Information Technology, with an established history of working in the research industry. He has worked in numerous IT frameworks, from WordPress, PHP, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), to Magento, Laravel and Prestashop, to name a few.

Alexandru has amassed a considerable portfolio of successful projects, many of which were team-based, offering him the opportunity of honing his leadership & project management skills.

Andrei Costea

Senior Copywriter & Email Marketing Specialist

Wearing two hats at the same time, Andrei writes, publishes, reviews, proofreads and translates any written materials that come his way, as well as lending a hand to our email marketing team. He’s our designated gate-keeper for texts of all kinds, as nothing gets past him.

Catalin Zdircea

Copywriter & Social Media Junior Specialist

Catalin is the kind of copywriter who will search far and wide to find that brilliant idea, that one eureka! moment that results in a unique piece of text, which will create a strong bond between you and your customers. His journalism studies make him a great addition for our team.

Marius Enache

SEO Specialist

Marius is our SEO specialist who ensures that we are in the top through innovation, research and performing audits when needed, even when Google updates appear. It handles both on-page and off-page optimization of our sites.
It helps us to bring potential partners to the site and start a business together.

Alexandru Tomescu

System Administrator

Alexandru is our Informatic Systems guru. He ensures that our hardware & software work properly, configures computers & mobile phones, provides support for company-specific software tools such as Office 356, G-suite, Dynamics 365, 3CX, Microsoft Teams, PowerBI, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business and many more.

Moreover, he maintains and configures all of our wireless & wired company networks such as routers (mikrotik and ubiquiti), and access points (ubiquiti unfi and other types). You get the idea: he’s the one who keeps things going. Remote or not.

Adrian Suteu

Front End Developer

Adrian is the type of person that likes new challenges. He is passionate about modern technologies and their usage within companies. In the past years, he worked in different areas of the IT industry, being responsible for web development, web software management, database management, technical consultancy and training.

Alexandru Seliscan

Graphic designer

Alexandru is our quirky graphic artist – he combines the methodical with the creative, the logical with the innovative.
With over 10 years of experience in Photography, Videography and Graphic Design, his clear & crisp vision produces visual representations that communicate ideas, spur the imagination and dazzle the eye of the beholder.

Corina Rus

Graphic designer

Combining the crazy side of art, with the professional side of Graphic Design, she always finds a way to visually express even the most difficult ideas or thoughts.
Whether it’s black & white or the entire rainbow, Corina’s creative strength lies in blending the usual with the unusual, the norm with the exception.


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