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About Biomimicry

From startups and individuals, to established corporations and public institutions. From a simple logo to everything you need to get up and running for a complete marketing and communication strategy.

We, at Biomimicry, work with each and every one of our clients to develop value-based strategies and creative initiatives that build lasting relationships and effectively engage audiences to achieve results.

We believe in supporting both people and profits, by igniting the passion of our audiences.

The Team

Catalina Cazacu
Senior PPC Specialist
Catalina has worked in Advertising since she was 26. She has created and implemented hundreds of online and offline advertising campaigns, from early concepts to execution, both in Romania and abroad.

Olubukola Osayomi
Business Development Manager
Bukola is an experienced, ambitious, confident, and self-motivated salesperson with over 5 years under her belt. She believes that research and information are the keys to a client’s heart. A customer who is kept in the loop is a happy customer. A happy customer enjoys opening up about their objectives, thus providing even more information, which makes a project run like clockwork.

Oana Selișcan
Video Editor & Motion Designer
Oana is one of the most talented graphic editors, animation, and video production specialists we’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is extremely meticulous and thorough in her approach, with an almost clinical eye for detail. Her love for video design stems from her passion for beautiful art. For Oana, each project is an opportunity to create something new, exciting, and inspiring.

Farhanaaz Remodkhan
Graphic Designer
Farha is a gifted, driven, and passionate artist. She combines creativity with critical thinking, researching effective designs that help her clients’ messages speak for themselves.Her impressive portfolio features publishing design, corporate identity design, posters, logos, brochures, business cards, web design, annual reports, social media designs, video animation, and even interior digital design.

Alexandru Podariu
Head of Web Design and Development
Alexandru is an experienced Head of Information Technology, with an established history of working in the research industry. He also worked in numerous IT frameworks, from WordPress, PHP, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript to Magento, Laravel and PrestaShop, to name a few.

Ashwin Jeebun
Art Director
Ashwin’s greatest strength lies in his passion for understanding the human psyche. As a graphic design professional, he strives to piece together the thought process behind his clients’ wishes to forge a graphical masterpiece that renders their exact desire, bit by bit. As Art Director, his creative mindset complemented by his keen eye for detail enable him to lead design teams towards sustained success.

Dragos Anton
Email Marketing Senior Specialist
Dragos is our mail-man. His quiver is always filled with projects which come from all sorts of clients, always testing new ideas, always hunting for better ORs, CTRs, and conversions. He’s interested in both sides of the story – the creativity of the content and the analytics of the data, which in a way makes him feel like Spider-man for one and Peter Parker for the other.

Malek Ghazo
Business Consulting & Development
12+ years of experience, in consultancy, advisory and training. Adding value to organizations and the different teams in organizational excellence, performance management, strategy management, quality management, digital marketing and other related topics. Malek supports us in analyzing clients’ needs and considering them within a holistic view to meet and exceed client’s expectations.

Marius Enache
SEO Specialist
Marius is our SEO specialist who ensures that we reach the top through innovation, research, and audits. Even when Google pushes unforeseen updates, Marius maintains our websites’ optimization in tip-top shape. He handles both on-page and off-page optimization, finding the highest-yielding keywords and building some of the best quality backlinks we’ve seen.

Andrei Costea
Senior Copywriter & Social Media Specialist
Wearing two hats at the same time, Andrei writes, publishes, reviews, proofreads and translates any written materials that come his way, as well as lending a hand to our email marketing team. He’s our designated gate-keeper for text of all kinds, as nothing gets past him.

Alexandru Selișcan
Senior Graphic Designer
Alexandru’s designs prove that combining the methodical with the creative, the logical with the innovative can result in a harmonious, effective, almost lyrical combination.With over 10 years of experience in Photography, Videography, and Graphic Design, his clear & crisp vision produces visual representations that spur the imagination and inspire the mind.

Arraghib Nizham
Video Editor & Motion Designer
Arraghib is a creative video producer that sees an opportunity for animation in almost every situation. His love for his craft is only matched by his disciplined approach to creating the perfect video or animation for his clients.He does not believe in the one-size-fits-all mentality, as each new task must be experimented with until you find the perfect combination of video elements.

Syahrul Ghifari
Hraphic Designer
Syahrul maintains a positive mindset in all the projects and tasks he undertakes. He takes great joy in experimenting with his designs; however, his take on graphical art is always well-researched and benchmarked.“It’s fun to experiment, but you have to make sure your finished product is clear, detailed, and accessible; otherwise, your client won’t know what your thought process was.”

Agung Prio Rismawan
UI/UX Designer
For Agung, creating meaningful designs is the ultimate professional and personal objective. His designs must serve a purpose or deliver a message. He holds utility and function in very high regard. For him, design is not a question of minimalism vs. maximalism or simple vs. complex, but rather an objective for usefulness. If a graphic representation is practical, then its objective has already been met.

Dani Andianto
UI/UX Designer
Dani is an incredibly high-spirited UI/UX designer. He adores having fun with icons, colours, content placement, gradients, motifs, and all the other elements that make up his daily job. Each project is another opportunity to find new ways of expressing himself. Positive thinking is his defining characteristic – ”In UI/UX design, everything can be useful and eye-catching, if you have fun with it.”

Manuel Dorca
Full Stack Developer
Manuel is an ambitious and creative full stack dev with a great sense of humour, who relies on his first instinct to power him through his projects, and his first instinct is to always ”do his homework” properly. Highly passionate about robotics, automation, and technology, he enjoys spending time in both the front & back end of websites or apps to see what makes them tick and how he can improve them.
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